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Here are some answers to your questions:

Q; Why don't you sell the other flying animals anymore? A; Besides the monkey which was the First one to come out three years ago, we carried the chicken, pig, cow, frog, and duck but they were very weak and would not last. The arms on those are shorter and cannot be pulled back as far as the monkey and thus they break off prematurely or if you pull them too far they fall apart. They were poorly designed and are not very reliable so we stopped selling them. The monkey is the only good one and our monkey is the original!

Q; Are they like a slingshot? A; They are designed to launch and fly through the air by themselves and cannot be used to make other objects fly.

Q; Are they safe for all ages? A; They are designed for ages 3 and up.

Q; How do you ship? A; We ship two day Priority Mail through the Post Office for small orders. Larger orders are shipped Parcel Post or fedex ground.

Q; How much is shipping? A; Shipping and Handling in the Continental USA starts at only $5.95 and is no more than $9.95 for the really large orders. Outside of the Continental USA and International orders are based on your location. Email us with your location for s&h costs.

Q; What if I receive a defective unit? A; We will exchange it for you. Our animals are nicely made and usually are not defective unlike others out there!

Q; Do you sell wholesale? A; No, sorry. Our prices are low enough.

Q; Do you ship to International locations? A; Only if you are willing to pay the cost to ship Priority Mail International.


Email us if you have any more questions!

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