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Welcome to The goal of our web site is to offer the Slingshot Flying Monkey and other Flingshot Toys to the largest number of people. To insure a safe, non offensive environment for all of our users, we have established our Terms of Use. By accessing any areas of, users ("Users") agree to be legally bound and to abide by the terms set forth below.

1. COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP: Everything in this site is owned by tech4less, unless otherwise stated. Unauthorized use of content in this site is prohibited. Permission to use the information for any purpose other than the ones mentioned below must be in writing from an authorized tech4less representative.

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4 a. DISCLAIMER ON ACCURACY: While we make an attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, we do not guarantee it. Use the site at your own risk, including the sites to which we've linked. We review these sites, but the content of these sites may be modified by its operators (as ours is) and we cannot continuously monitor them.

b. DISCLAIMER ON WARRANTY:, is not liable for any damages or losses that you may incur when using this site or when using any of our products. This site is provided to you AS IS, without any warranty, implied or expressed. Our toys should be used safely and all manufacturers instructions and warnings included with the toys must be followed.

Regarding the use of trademarked names in meta tags and/or hidden text, has a no-tolerance policy. The use of trademarked names in meta tag keywords is a trademark infringement, and the use of trademarked terms in page text, meta tags, and/or hidden text for purposes of gaining higher rankings from search engines is unfair competition. Linking to any web page is prohibited unless express written permission from tech4less is received. Framing the web site with links, advertisements and/or other information not originating from the web site is expressly prohibited.

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6. ILLEGAL ACTS: Do not post anything that might be libelous, slanderous, false, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise offensive to a reasonable person, If you do anything illegal on this site, we will fully cooperate with federal and local authorities to prosecute.

7. PRIVACY STATEMENT: We are a small, locally owned and operated online retail and service business that is serious about your privacy. You can be assured that we will never give out any of your information to anybody for any reason at all. What you tell us by e-mail will only be used for business purposes between us and you and will not be sold or disclosed to third parties for commercial reasons. If you gave us a mailing address so that merchandise can be sent to you, we will only use it for that purpose. If you have given us your e-mail address, we'll only use it to give you updates on the site. The service we use for our secured credit card processing is They are a very respected service that is also serious about your privacy. You can read about their privacy policy Here.

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